Bringing knowledge to life.
Illuminate Knowledge Translation Inc. is a consulting company that connects the public with researchers and other health experts in order to get the latest health information out into the community, where people need it most. By taking a creative and engaging approach, I help people of all ages make informed decisions to improve their health.


Illuminate can bridge the gap between researchers and other health experts, and relevant stakeholder groups. I can help you build a network of stakeholders and partners, and will facilitate regular communication between members.

Technical Writing
More than 10 years of experience with the creation of peer-reviewed publications (i.e. journal articles), grant applications, and book chapters.

Creative Programming
I can assist in the dissemination of health-related information to targeted stakeholder groups through the development of creative, engaging and hands-on tools and programs. Educational Resources – Skilled at translating highly technical scientific content into resources that are accessible, meaningful and tailored to specific stakeholder groups.

Public Speaking
Highly experienced in presenting technical information in a manner that is meaningful and accessible to a variety of audiences.

Our Clients

I bridge the gap between the “knowledge creators” and the “knowledge users” and I work  with clients on both sides of this equation. From researchers, health care professionals and other health experts, to community organizations, schools, resource and learning centers and beyond, I can help translate the latest health information into meaningful and accessible programs and educational resources.


Dr. Jaymi Taiani is a scientist, engineer and entrepreneur. I am a very passionate and highly experienced in knowledge translation and community engagement. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Dr. Jaymi Taiani
Knowledge Translation Specialist